Okay. So I’ve decided to put one of my short stories “out there”. It’s called “The Champion of All Snacks“.

I had some fun doing the following:

  • I learned how to properly format my document using Microsoft Word (I did some research on the internet).
  • I learned how to convert it using  Calibre (a free e-book management tool which also converts e-books to various formats).
  • I took some pictures for the cover (I’m a decent photographer!)
  • I chose the best picture and I used a free web‑based image editing tool called befunky® and transformed it using some of the available special effects.
  • I cropped the transformed picture and used it to make my own cover art for my e-book.
  • I signed up at Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and uploaded my e-book.
  • … and I published my very first short story in the Kindle Store!

The self-publishing process with KDP is simple. Now, how I plan to promote this first e-book (and all its future brothers and sisters) is another story… Let’s wait and see.