This short story is a humorous slice of life between a loving daddy and his very cute, but cunning daughter.

His stomach gurgling, he decides to make himself a good late night snack. Not just any snack… the Champion of All Snacks! But as he lines up the ingredients on the counter, his young daughter walks in the kitchen excitedly. After she realizes what he’s up to, she places her forearms on the counter, waiting and smiling cunningly, hoping to get a piece of her favorite delicacy. He agrees to teach her how to make his Specialty Snack, however he clearly states he will be the one eating it since she has already had her dessert earlier. The lesson on how to prepare the infamous snack turns out to be a little too technical for Sabrina, so she plays the game… almost up to the end!

The Champion of All Snacks is available in Kindle format here. Happy reading!

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