During the last three days I ran a free promotion of my science fiction short story “Romano, The Great Magician“. Concurrently, on Saturday I also ran a free promotion of my short story “A Unique Bond“. I sporadically checked the KDP Select report throughout the Easter weekend to see how many times each story had been downloaded. Late Saturday night, I was surprised to see that my second story seemed to be downloaded at a faster rate than my sci-fi story, so I decided to extend the free promo an additional day for that story.

Here are the final stats:
Romano, The Great Magician” was downloaded a total of 135 times.
A Unique Bond” was downloaded a total of 88 times.

Total: 223 downloads! It’s interesting to note that both stories were primarily downloaded by U.S. and U.K. readers.

At one point, “A Unique Bond” was ranked #57 in the Top 100 Free Kindle books (under the category ‘Literary Fiction’).

I enjoyed doing this first free promotion; it was both interesting and fascinating! Let’s wait and see… some readers might provide some feedback! 🙂