Ok. Enough procrastination. The two piles of wood logs in the backyard need to go. In Spring 2010, we bought an above-ground pool. A few trees (some of which were plagued with insects and were dying) had to be cut down. We have a nice wood fireplace in our living room, and my wife and I love to have a warm fire going when we watch a good movie during the cold winter months. So, I had instructed the workers to cut the trunk and branches of each tree in 16-inch long sections and pile them up somewhere in the yard. I’ve been chopping some of it sporadically since, but the piles haven’t really gone down… Our burning wood reserve is almost depleted, so in order for this wood to dry out for next winter, I need to become a lumberjack and chop it all up! Like, NOW! How many days will I need to get it all done?