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Quote for the day

“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.”

– Isaac Asimov


I love this quote.


I have finished revamping my science fiction short story Feet First! A few people have volunteered to be beta readers (I am looking for more!) Also, I became a member of the Critters Workshop, an on-line workshop/critique group for serious Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror writers. Some other writers will critique my work, and I will critique their work in return!

In a few weeks, I plan to self-publish this new short story! I’ll keep you posted.

Below is the cover page (the illustration was designed by Chris Caswell) and an excerpt of the story (Oh no! Not a teaser!) 😉


Stanley’s growing procrastination to fix things that needed fixing around the house was the source of countless arguments between him and Violette, his wife.

She demanded.

He refused.

They argued.

She won.

Except today, Stanley had enough.

“Why haven’t you replaced it yet?”

Undisturbed by his wife’s annoying question, the seventy‑five year-old man continued reading the daily news on his holographic newspaper while chewing on a mouthful of blueberry bagel.

She added, “It’s been burnt for three weeks already. The staircase gets very dark and I’m afraid to come downstairs at night because of that.”

Why? Why in hell does she need to go downstairs right in the middle of the night?  he asked himself.

She added, with a sharp tone, “Stanley, are you listening to me? I want you to replace the light bulb today!”

No more do this, do that, he thought, I’ll change the bloody thing when I’ll feel like it. Period.

“And you’re going to use the anti‑gravity platform to do it—you haven’t used it once yet!”

The old man ended his mutism. “Which platform?” he asked, innocently.

She frowned. “Stanley, don’t play silly with me! You know damn well which platform I’m talking about.” Of course he knew; she had bought it for his last birthday. But he had sworn he would never use the stupid gadget. He hated being lifted up weightlessly into the air without touching the floor. It made him feel nauseous.

Adding oil to the burning fire, Violette pursued, “I sure hope you’re going to use it instead of that antique of yours! The piece of junk is so old. I really wonder why you’re so fussy about using it all the time. That thing is not safe; it could break at any time!”

Ooooh. A direct impact to his manly pride. She was unmistakably referring to his wooden stepladder he had inherited from his father. Almost instantly, his entire body went into battle mode. His family heirloom was under attack. Retaliation was inevitable.

“It may be an antique, but it’s a damn valuable one!”

Glaring at his wife, he continued, “My great grandfather built it himself with his bare hands. He was a great carpenter, the best of this time!”

Violette rolled her eyes.

Stanley continued, “This stepladder has been in my family for over 150 years now. You really want me to get rid of it, don’t you? Well—keep dreaming, ‘cause it ain’t gonna happen!” As he finished his sentence, he slammed his fist hard on the table. His holographic newspaper flickered under the impact. Violette was startled, eyes wide open.

“This discussion is over!” barked Stanley.

Violette sprung up and left the kitchen, furious.

The man of the house had spoken.


Voilà. Avec le long weekend de trois jours, j’en ai profité pour démarrer mon petit potager. Au menu cette année:

  • 2 plants de tomates (dont 1 plant de tomates italiennes!)
  • 1 plant de poivrons verts
  • de la laitue frisée (6 petits plants)
  • des haricots verts (semés!)
  • des carottes (semées!)
  • des concombres (5 petits plants)
  • du basilic
  • et bien sûr… de l’ail! (6 gousses semées à la mi-octobre 2011)

Petite anecdote sur l’ail. Pour nos vacances familiales à Sand Banks à l’été 2010, nous avions loué un petit chalet sur le bord du Lac Ontario. En faisant une petite promenade sur le chemin principal, un résident m’a salué. J’ai bavardé un peu avec lui. C’était un homme âgé qui était à la retraite. Il était veuf. Il m’a fait visiter sa cour arrière et m’a montré son potager. Il y avait de tout là-dedans! Il m’a donné plusieurs tomates… et des gousses d’ail! Il m’a alors raconté que ces gousses d’ail avaient été importées au Canada par des immigrés qu’il avait connus. Celles-ci étaient donc les descendantes de générations antérieures provenant d’un autre pays! Il m’a expliqué que je devais semer une gousse à la mi-octobre et que le printemps arrivé, j’aurais une belle surprise! J’ai donc rapporté chez moi les gousses d’ail, j’ai suivi ses indications à la lettre et je perpétue désormais les générations à mon tour! 🙂


Jour 1 – Mon potager, version 2012

This upcoming movie looks very interesting! Check out the movie trailer:

Today was a holiday here in Canada. It was a very hot day! Pfff! Got the pool going. And my small garden is officially ‘alive’ for 2012! I’ll post some pictures in a few days.

These days, I’m working hard at editing and revamping one of my favourite science fiction short stories. It is also the very first one I wrote in english. It’s called Feet First.

Stay tuned!

(this was a teaser post! 😉 )

Hmm, another science fiction movie on my radar. This one has some aliens in it! Looks like a cool thriller!

Me like sci-fi!

I saw “The Avengers” last night. A very good action-packed movie, I really enjoyed myself! In 3-D too!

The scene I enjoyed the most? When Tony Stark (my favourite character among the Avengers) innovates once again with his famous armoured suit. [spoiler alert–do not read further!] As he’s falling off his own new skyscraper (‘The Stark Tower’) in plain human form, his latest prototype (suit) is deployed and flies downward to his rescue… but wait! How does Stark manage to put on his suit while falling down to his death? Answer: he doesn’t put on the suit… the suit puts itself on Tony! The suit opens up right above Stark and ‘aligns’ itself with its creator via two special bracelets he is wearing at his wrists. The result: a very cool and awesome assembly/suit-up in midflight which beats the small suit-in-the-briefcase gadget version we saw in Iron Man 2.

And what about the Green Monster? Well, I thought Bruce Banner’s character was played brilliantly by Mark Ruffalo! The special effects with Hulk were all very cool.

Another good point worth mentioning about this flick: it is spiced up with humour, making the audience laugh and giggle all along at the funny cracks exchanged between the superheroes.

If you are a writer and if you are not following Rachelle Gardner’s blog, I recommend you read her recent post “This Post is For the Ones You Love” . It isn’t always easy to live with a writer… Her post talks about the many great things about being involved with a writer, things you should know about your writer friend, the do’s and don’ts and how to support your writer. An excellent blog post! I really enjoyed reading it!

Lately I bought a previously viewed copy of the science fiction movie Splice at the local videostore. I liked it.

Clive and Elsa are scientist superstars, famous for splicing DNA from different animals to create bizarre hybrids. They are as in love with each other as they are with their work. And they want to go to the next step: splice human DNA. But when their corporate financiers refuse, they decide to experiment in secret. The result is Dren: an amazing creature whose rapid life cycle takes her from baby to adult in matter of months. As Clive and Elsa struggle to keep Dren a secret, their connection to their creation evolves from scientific to personal. Ultimately, Dren exceeds the couple’s wildest dreams – and their most terrifying nightmares.

What if splicing human DNA with another species was really possible? Perhaps it will be… one day!