I saw “The Avengers” last night. A very good action-packed movie, I really enjoyed myself! In 3-D too!

The scene I enjoyed the most? When Tony Stark (my favourite character among the Avengers) innovates once again with his famous armoured suit. [spoiler alert–do not read further!] As he’s falling off his own new skyscraper (‘The Stark Tower’) in plain human form, his latest prototype (suit) is deployed and flies downward to his rescue… but wait! How does Stark manage to put on his suit while falling down to his death? Answer: he doesn’t put on the suit… the suit puts itself on Tony! The suit opens up right above Stark and ‘aligns’ itself with its creator via two special bracelets he is wearing at his wrists. The result: a very cool and awesome assembly/suit-up in midflight which beats the small suit-in-the-briefcase gadget version we saw in Iron Man 2.

And what about the Green Monster? Well, I thought Bruce Banner’s character was played brilliantly by Mark Ruffalo! The special effects with Hulk were all very cool.

Another good point worth mentioning about this flick: it is spiced up with humour, making the audience laugh and giggle all along at the funny cracks exchanged between the superheroes.