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I’m a Critter

My science fiction short story “Feet First” is being critiqued this week at the Critters Workshop. I have received several critiques so far from fellow writers like me. This is an awesome experience. Although I had spent many hours revamping my story, it will need some more revamping/editing after this critiquing session!

During the last two months or so, I have read and critiqued several science fiction short stories and novel excerpts by other fellow writers, also at the Critters Workshop. I have also accepted to be a dedicated reader for a writer who has written a first novel.

One day at a time. One word at a time. I continue my quest to become a better writer.

Men in Black 3

Men in Black 3

My wife and I had a date last night! We saw Men in Black 3. Good entertainment. Funny movie. I really enjoyed it! There’s some time travel in it! Here’s the link to the trailer, in case you are tempted to go see it too:

Voici 2 photos récentes de mon potager.

Jour 9 (30 mai) – Mon potager, version 2012

Jour 9 (30 mai) – on voit ici le petit enclos que j’ai construit l’an dernier. Pourquoi cet enclos? Très simple: pour empêcher Monsieur Fred d’aller creuser des trous dans mon potager! Qui est Monsieur Fred? Mon Golden Retriever de 76 lbs. Si je le laisse faire, il va creuser un trou jusqu’en Chine.

Le petit enclos comprend 2 barrières pivotantes incorporées à l’ossature. Je dois les ouvrir pour avoir accès au potager. Monsieur Fred n’a qu’à se tenir tranquille!

Jour 19 (9 juin) – Mon potager, version 2012

Jour 19 (9 juin) – Mon potager, version 2012

Jour 19 (9 juin) – regardez comme ça pousse! Ah oui, j’oubliais! Mon potager a reçu 3 sacs de compost (gracieuseté de la Ville de Gatineau!) Le sol est donc plein de bonnes vitamines pour mes légumes! 🙂

The sci-fi movie Prometheus is now playing in theatres here in Quebec. Michael Fassbender stars in the movie as David, an android who is a member of the crew of the Prometheus. The clip below (now going viral) is an original movie trailer… but it’s not about the movie, it’s about David! Through a publicity from Weyland Industries, David explains what he can accomplish, what he thinks about, how he can easily blend in with our work force effortlessly, what makes him sad, etc.

Hmm. This David is now competing against my favorite android : Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation (played by Brent Spiner).

Quote for the day

“You’ve got to jump off cliffs and build your wings on the way down.”
– Ray Bradbury

I saw the short documentary below for the first time this week, and I wanted to share it. It’s very inspiring.

“The great boat lift of 9/11 became the largest sea evacuation in history. Larger than the evacuation of Dunkirk in World War II, where 339,000 British and French soldiers were rescued over the course of 9 days. On 9/11, nearly 500,000 civilians were rescued from Manhattan by boat. It took less than 9 hours.”

Ray Bradbury 1920-2012

I just found out that Ray Bradbury, a science fiction legend, has passed away yesterday at age 91.

I like this article from CNN Writer John Blake.

RIP, Mr. Bradbury.

Quote for the day

“Among my most prized possessions are words that I have never spoken.”

– Orson Scott Card