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I began my 2-week vacation by going to see this blockbuster last night. Yes, I had seen the original version with Arnold Schwarzenegger (1990) several times (remember, I’m a science fiction junkie). I liked it (well, the only thing I really didn’t like about it was the awful special effect near the end of the movie when the two main characters are sliding down on Mars’ sandy hills while their faces get distorted and their eyes are about to pop up from the lack of a breathable atmosphere – really awful effect). Now, I prefer the remake! Ok, ok, the remake was done with a significantly bigger budget… nevertheless, I still prefer the second version! If you want to see a good fast-paced, action-packed science fiction flick, this is it, folks.

8.5 on a scale of ten.

Watch the movie trailer below.

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Earlier this week I submitted my short story to the 2nd annual short story contest Des nouvelles de Gatineau! Last year I had also participated to the first contest and my story had been selected to be in the anthology, making it my first official publication (which was pretty exciting). This year’s contest has different guidelines than last year’s: the story must be set within one of Gatineau’s annual festivals. Pretty cool idea, huh?

The contest (open to the world’s entire francophone community) was officially launched in early March and the deadline is August 31st. This means writers have had five months to write their short story until now, leaving a couple more weeks before time is up. The $5 question: when did I start writing my story? Well… I’ve been toying with a few ideas back in late March… worked on it a little bit in June, but it’s really in July that I powered the afterburners to write it and finish it off.

I had a lot of fun writing this one. Can’t wait to see the results!