Last weekend I saw Looper. The main plot involves time travel. If you’re a hard core science fiction fan like me, you probably won’t like this movie. Here’s a fictional situation: my future “me”, say twenty years from now, travels back in time to meet me. I decide to play a little trick on him/me. Using a sharp knife, I “write” a small word on the underside of my forearm. Ouch! Now here’s my thinking on this: if my life unfolds without a hitch, if my self-inflicted injury heals normally, if I travel back in time twenty years from now and if I ask my future “me” -today- to show me the underside of his forearm, I should see the scar I self-inflicted myself some twenty years ago (from his perspective), right? Of course. But that’s not how it works in the movie. If we were in the movie, the scar on my future “me”‘s forearm would mysteriously “appear” in real time, freaking him out in the process. Looper is filled with such ‘temporal discrepancies’. I’m afraid it doesn’t work for me.