G-R-E-A-T. Action-packed. Funny. A touch of drama (and a bit of romance). Revenge. Oh yeah. Revenge. In my opinion, this is the best movie of the trilogy. Tony Stark suffers from what he has experienced back in New York (re: The Avengers, aliens from outer space, etc.). He doesn’t sleep, tinkers with his armour suits while dealing with anxiety attacks. Too sure of himself, he threatens the Mandarin and gives his home address as an invitation… You’ve all seen the trailers… his luxurious home gets destroyed, Tony/Iron Man is presumed dead. But he’s not. He slowly prepares his revenge, but he is very limited in technical/material resources. The ending of the movie is awesome. Lots of action. Yeah! Take this! The genius of Tony Stark prevails!

A few of my personal pet peeves about this movie:
1. Why must the villain die three times before he is really, really dead? I’m getting sick of this. When you die, you die. Period. It’s a little annoying as a viewer. Come on guys, this trick is getting old. Make them die once, please, and move the plot along.
2. I am very surprised to see that so many people fit in Tony’s suit, as if they all have the same body height, physical structure, muscle mass, etc.
3. Tony Stark himself had to learn how to fly his own first armour suit… and it wasn’t that easy (re: Iron Man, the first movie). Yet, a villain gets into the Iron Patriot suit and knows how to fly it the very first time. Come on. We know this is science fiction, but we’re not dummies.

Despite my pet peeves, I still give this movie a rating of 8,5 on 10! I really enjoyed it.

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