Yes, it’s back. Yesterday, my nephew assisted me in reinstalling the Aréna Tintin in our backyard. I had carefully stored all the parts in my garage, so it was pretty straight forward to bring them all out and reassemble the rink back together. The size hasn’t changed: 24 feet x 20 feet. The boards are 2 feet high. A couple of improvements will be constructed within the next few days. The major one will be a 36 inch wide hinged ramp incorporated into the boards to allow my snowblower to get inside the rink. This ramp is currently being designed by yours truly. Another cool improvement will be 2 corner posts. Each one will have an outdoor light bulb. These posts will increase the lighting on the rink’s surface for evening skating!

Stay tuned for more updates!

L'Aréna Tintin... is back! - November 16, 2013

L’Aréna Tintin… is back! – November 16, 2013