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My objectives for 2014 (as an aspiring author)

Let’s begin with the facts. When I was a teenager, I enjoyed reading a lot. I also enjoyed writing. At the time, I wrote several stories, most of which where silly or humorous, or both. I’ve always enjoyed walking into a bookstore (I bought many books since my teenage years, mostly novels). And back in those days, I had a dream. Very often I would tell myself that one day, I would write a novel. One day…

And then life went on. I finished my studies and became a civil engineer. I started working full time. I met my wife. We got married, bought a house and had children. And life continued. Time passed. Then, in 2011, my wife and I went to see a movie: The Adjustment Bureau (with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt). I really liked it. While reading the movie magazine, I found out that the movie was based on a short story written by Philip K. Dick. I also found out that other science fiction movies (which I had enjoyed a lot) were also based on other short stories from the same author (Minority Report, Total Recall). The following days, I did some research on Philip K. Dick. Shortly after I walked into a bookstore and bought one of Dick’s most acclaimed novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (I later found out that the classic science fiction movie Blade Runner was adapted from that novel). I read it and I enjoyed it very much. Basically, this is was what I needed to get back on track with my love of reading (I’ve always enjoyed science fiction, so it wasn’t too hard) and also with my passion of writing. My dream of writing a novel had resurrected.

What have I accomplished as a writer within the last 2 years? Well, I decided to start writing again. I participated in the first two editions of a local short story contest and two of my short stories (written in French) have been chosen and published. It’s a good start. These are my first two official publications. But aside from that, what have I done? Not much. I wrote a few other short stories (which I self published). It would seem I need some kind of deadline (pressure) to get behind the keyboard on a regular basis (just like the deadlines to submit my stories for the short story contests). I have to be honest here: I lack discipline. I procrastinate. In 2014, I plan to do something about it. I turned forty last October. My dream of writing a novel is still very much alive inside me. I am determined to make it happen.

It’s time to get serious.

Here are my objectives for 2014:
• Write 5 new short stories;
• Write one post per week about my writing;
• Read 5 novels;
• Read 1 book on the craft of writing.

Now, the biggest challenge I face is reorganizing my schedule to make time for writing (and reading!)

I can do it.


These are the appetizers I made for today’s Christmas lunch at the office. All of them were eaten! 🙂


Affiche publicitaire au-dessus des pompes à essence chez Pétro-Canada. La faute d’orthographe saute tellement aux yeux, j’ai failli me crever un oeil!


“Aujourd’hui, la boîte de papier mouchoir est ma meilleure amie.”
– Martin Dugas