Here it is. 2014. Earlier tonight I went for a walk with Fred (my dog). Brrr. It’s -26 degrees Celcius outside. Yeah, it’s cold here in Gatineau, Quebec.

All of our Christmas and New Year celebrations are now over. It was fun. We saw family members and friends, drank wine, but what did most was… eat. I’m stuffed. Really. My meals for the next few days will be light.

The holidays are almost over. We will now slip back into our usual routine (I go back to work this Friday — sniff, sniff). My first challenge? Reorganize my daily schedule to make time to write (Hey, I’m already working on it — this is my second blog post in only a few days!)

Have you put some thought in your 2014 writing resolutions? If you haven’t, take a peak at author K.M.Weiland’s latest blog post 10 Easy Writing Resolutions for 2014. My eye caught Resolution #9 – Stop calling myself an “aspiring” author. Hum. I guess I should revise the title of my previous blog post (Re: My objectives for 2014 (as an aspiring author)!

To all writers and authors out there, I wish you a fruitful 2014!