J’ai lu l’ouvrage “Bird by Bird – Some Instructions on Writing and Life” d’Anne Lamott, une écrivaine américaine. Un excellent livre, je le recommande à tous les auteur(e)s. (hélas, je ne crois pas qu’il ait été traduit en français). Lorsque j’ai lu l’extrait suivant, je me suis rendu compte à quel point c’est vrai qu’on ne lit plus jamais un livre de la même manière lorsqu’on devient un auteur.

“Becoming a writer can also profoundly change your life as a reader. One reads with a deeper appreciation and concentration, knowing now how hard writing is, especially how hard it is to make it look effortless. You begin to read with a writer’s eyes. You focus in a new way. You study how someone portrays his or her version of things in a way that is new and bold and original. You notice how a writer paints in a mesmerizing character or era for you, without your having the sense of being given a whole lot of information, and when you realize how artfully this has happened, you may actually put the book down for a moment and savor it, juste taste it.”