I’ve been thinking about having my own blog for some time.

Why do I want to have a blog? Well, a few reasons.

  1. I love to write.
  2. My fingers need to work at the keyboard regularly!
  3. I enjoy sharing my ideas/thoughts with others.
  4. I seek to make new friends online.

What am I going to write about on my blog? On whatever goes through my mind. On the things I enjoy doing in life. The stories I write, for instance. The books I read, too. The movies I watch. Some of my posts might be about the intricacies of life as seen through the eyes of a passionate civil engineer!

Oh! Before I forget, some of my posts will be in french. Yep. My first language is french (I am fully bilingual).

Welcome. Feel free to join me along this journey!

Martin Dugas

Martin Dugas
March 2012