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Après avoir vu le dernier film de Star Wars “Le réveil de la force” au cinéma, je vais moi-même réaliser le film “Le réveil de l’Aréna Tintin” dans ma cour arrière.

(Une importante tempête hivernale s’est abattue sur le sud du Québec durant la nuit de lundi à mardi et s’est poursuivie durant la journée d’hier.) 



L’Aréna Tintin… is back!

Yes, it’s back. Yesterday, my nephew assisted me in reinstalling the Aréna Tintin in our backyard. I had carefully stored all the parts in my garage, so it was pretty straight forward to bring them all out and reassemble the rink back together. The size hasn’t changed: 24 feet x 20 feet. The boards are 2 feet high. A couple of improvements will be constructed within the next few days. The major one will be a 36 inch wide hinged ramp incorporated into the boards to allow my snowblower to get inside the rink. This ramp is currently being designed by yours truly. Another cool improvement will be 2 corner posts. Each one will have an outdoor light bulb. These posts will increase the lighting on the rink’s surface for evening skating!

Stay tuned for more updates!

L'Aréna Tintin... is back! - November 16, 2013

L’Aréna Tintin… is back! – November 16, 2013

“Gatineau, we have a problem.”

I took the following pictures last weekend. This is my garage. Yep. Can you see my desk? (can you find it?) That’s where I write. And blog. My garage is my hideout, my sanctuary, my man cave. Yet, Somehow, I allow it to be the way it is. Messy. Very messy. Shameful, isn’t? We’ve been living in this house for five and a half years now. And I’ve been wanting to fix up my garage for that long… Damn procrastination. Enough is enough. I am declaring war on my garage!

The first offensive strike will be Operation De-Clutter. I must throw away some stuff. Okay, okay. A lot of stuff. There, I said it.

It’s amazing how much stuff can accumulate and pile up in a man’s garage! You know, it’s tough to get rid of something, even when you haven’t used it for a long time… because you know damn well you’ll need it just a few days after it’s gone! It’s Murphy’s Law. You can’t change that.

“Attention all crew, this is the captain speaking. We are about to drop out of warp and engage the enemy. Battle stations!”







Yep. This winter, in our backyard, there will be a homemade ice-skating rink. The engineer is hard at work designing the rink, buying/cutting wood and assembling the parts. Below is a picture of what our backyard looks like (existing conditions, no rink yet). Stay tuned!

This morning I finished building my new firewood rack. Of course, I could have bought one, but that’s no fun, right? My objective was to recycle as many leftover materials from previous projects. I did a pretty good job at that. I only had to buy a small bundle of cedar shingles (for the small roof). So, here it is.

Empty rack (Length: 10', width: 16", height: 64")

Empty rack (Length: 10′, width: 16″, height: 64″)

Pool and garden: check!

Today was a holiday here in Canada. It was a very hot day! Pfff! Got the pool going. And my small garden is officially ‘alive’ for 2012! I’ll post some pictures in a few days.

I’m still choppin’ ! One of the wood piles is going down. And I’m not using any gas-powered tool or mechanical wood splitter. Just a big splitting maul and two splitting wedges (steel). And my arms. Yeah, it’s tough work.

The Lumberjack Challenge

Ok. Enough procrastination. The two piles of wood logs in the backyard need to go. In Spring 2010, we bought an above-ground pool. A few trees (some of which were plagued with insects and were dying) had to be cut down. We have a nice wood fireplace in our living room, and my wife and I love to have a warm fire going when we watch a good movie during the cold winter months. So, I had instructed the workers to cut the trunk and branches of each tree in 16-inch long sections and pile them up somewhere in the yard. I’ve been chopping some of it sporadically since, but the piles haven’t really gone down… Our burning wood reserve is almost depleted, so in order for this wood to dry out for next winter, I need to become a lumberjack and chop it all up! Like, NOW! How many days will I need to get it all done?