“Gatineau, we have a problem.”

I took the following pictures last weekend. This is my garage. Yep. Can you see my desk? (can you find it?) That’s where I write. And blog. My garage is my hideout, my sanctuary, my man cave. Yet, Somehow, I allow it to be the way it is. Messy. Very messy. Shameful, isn’t? We’ve been living in this house for five and a half years now. And I’ve been wanting to fix up my garage for that long… Damn procrastination. Enough is enough. I am declaring war on my garage!

The first offensive strike will be Operation De-Clutter. I must throw away some stuff. Okay, okay. A lot of stuff. There, I said it.

It’s amazing how much stuff can accumulate and pile up in a man’s garage! You know, it’s tough to get rid of something, even when you haven’t used it for a long time… because you know damn well you’ll need it just a few days after it’s gone! It’s Murphy’s Law. You can’t change that.

“Attention all crew, this is the captain speaking. We are about to drop out of warp and engage the enemy. Battle stations!”